The Lady Maire

This charming aristocrat often leaps before she looks.


Name The Lady Maire

Gender / Race female human
Class Rogue 6

Chaotic Good humanoid (human)

Languages Common, Elven, Gnomish, Draconic

HP 49 HD d6

Fort Ref Will +2

Conditional Saves

Speed 30 ft

Base Atk
Special Actions
Combat gear
Miscellaneous Abilities



The Lady Maire always knew she was destined for greatness. The problem, of course, is that no one could agree on what form that greatness would take. Her parents were of the opinion that her abilities would be, as theirs were, in the wizarding world. Sadly, this wasn’t to be. Time spent with the guard at the castle taught her a bit about fighting and the world, although not nearly as much as the Lady Maire believed. Still, she took the swords her given her by her aunt, and left to gain a reputation, something the Lady Maire felt everyone needed.

Vladimir Demidov, a grim swordsman from the colds of the north, believed that the Lady Maire’s greatest talent was that of aggravation. Vladimir had come across her while following the trail of the mysterious sword he was unable to get rid of, and saved her life when she was vastly outnumbered. If asked, he would tell you he believed that to be a grave error, for in doing so, he gained a traveling companion. Though she was extremely loyal, and skilled at searching out the secrets of the ruins they frequented, her ability to talk herself out of trouble was equaled only by her ability to talk herself into it. As a result, Vlad found himself both laughing and swearing more now than he ever had in the past.

Man of God Lysandre Carnavalet was also sure that the Lady Maire was meant for something of great magnitude. He was equally certain, however, that he would rather not be there when it happened. As an elf, and former resident of a monastery, Lysandre was used to periods of silence and introspection, something he seldom encountered in the Lady Maire’s vicinity. Still, he couldn’t fault her willingness to run into battle at his side, or the confidence with which she lived her life.

The Lady Maire isn’t sure what her future holds anymore than the others. She’s keeping herself busy at the moment helping her dear friends Vlad and Lysandre on their respective, possibly connected quests. At the same time she takes care of her poor, unworldly companions, she is honing her abilities and righting wrongs, whether they want to be righted or not. She’s not worried about the future, odd portents notwithstanding. After all, who can resist loving the Lady Maire?

The Lady Maire

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