Story of Reluctant Friends

The Elf with the Divine Purpose

A man of god finds further meaning in life . . . and in death.

Chapter 3: The Elf with the Divine Purpose

The elf rested by the fire as he focused on his scriptures. It had been a week since the death of his friend Caelan, and Lysandre had been keeping to himself the entire time. His dear friend had passed in his early sixties, and Lysandre had taken this tragedy hard. He stayed absorbed in his scriptures; none of the other monks could tear him away from his studies. He seemed to be looking for something, a sign of why this had to happen. As he turned the page, he saw the picture of an angel dressed in what appeared to be a poor man’s attire. The caption underneath read:

“Azrael, the angel of death, is the Arch Angel who comforts the souls of the dying and leads them to the glory of heaven. Also know as The Comfort of God, he is depicted with a journal which he keeps the names of all those living on the world. He is forever writing names in and crossing names from this book. He also comforts the loved ones of those who have passed to the kingdom of Heaven….”

It was as if God himself had brought this before the elf. That night he spent reading, and finding out whatever he could on Azrael. Surely this would have the answers he sought. He looked through all he could find on Azrael, death, the passing of souls, even undeath was a topic covered in much of what he read. Soon, however, his resources at the monastery had expired, and he knew that he would have to venture forth into the world if he wished to know more. He wished Caelan could see him as he readied himself. He wasn’t sure what he’d be after, but he knew he’d have to prepare.

Over the next few weeks, Lysandre began focusing more on his combatant trainings. When asked why, he would just say “I can’t just remain here; I feel that I now have a purpose.” After a month or so, he took his sword, Athanase, and left the monastery taking only what he could carry, leaving a note addressed to his parents. As he walked away from the monastery, he thought to himself. “I still don’t know why, but I have to finish what Caelan started. I have little to go on…and not as much skill as he had. I feel that he’ll protect me, and that Azrael and God will see to it that my purpose is fulfilled before my time is over. Perhaps I’ll return one day…” He says, staring down at his prayer book opening it to the first page. He writes his name in. “Lysandre Carnavalet…and now it starts.”



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