Story of Reluctant Friends

The Lady Maire

An intrepid do-gooder finds herself in over her head.

Chapter 1: The Lady Maire

She seethed as the two bandits came into sight. Exactly as she’d thought. The two men were supposed to keep the peace here in the village of Belfort, and instead they took from the people their very livelihoods. She remembered the village seamstress crying as she hung clothing out to dry, and the young midwife’s son who was unable to play once he was attacked in the forest. It was said that his leg might not heal properly, he’d been so savagely beaten.

Luckily for the village, the Lady Maire was here to make things better. Lining up her shot at the village chamberlain, she aimed for his ill-dressed torso. She released the shot with a soundless huff of disgust. They weren’t even dressed properly to be thieves. Their brown doublets were dirty, their shirts stained. And she was incredibly grateful to be upwind of them as well. As the elf fell, she leapt into the clearing with her sword drawn, lining up an attack on the other man. Once he, too, fell to the ground, she stood over him, tossing her black hair. “That will teach you to steal from the poor!” she said to her fallen enemies.

“Will it, Guy?” said a man from behind her. The Lady Moire turned slightly to see an enormous man next to her, holding an axe nearly the same size as she.

“I’m not convinced, Jacques,” another voice replied. Just then, the voice’s owner stepped from the trees as well, an arrow nocked to his bow. Four more men, as badly garbed and holding various weapons, stood at his side.

The Lady Maire stepped over the body at her feet, brandishing her sword. “I suggest you surrender now,” she said with more confidence than she felt. Taking stock of her opponents, she made note of each man’s weak and unprotected points. She’d need all the help she could get in this battle. She thought to herself, “I really must stop wishing for bigger challenges.” Then she went for the man with the axe.



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